What is Child Life Insurance?

Child Life Insurance

Child life insurance is a whole life insurance policy, meaning that it covers your child for their entire life. The policy ensures that your child’s funeral and burial costs will be covered, whether your child passes away as a, toddler, child, teenager, or adult. Child life insurance is planning for your financial security as well as for your child’s future spouse and/or children.

The cost for child life insurance is very low and provides guaranteed coverage for the entire life of your child. Planning for your family today, may help your child’s family in the future.

Why is Child Life Insurance Important?

No parent wants to imagine having to deal with the death of a child, but if you could not afford the funeral and burial costs if your child passed away, you should consider child life insurance.

Because child life insurance provides lifetime coverage, your child still will be covered if he or she develops an illness or disease, or becomes seriously injured. It can be difficult an expensive to get coverage for your child once they’ve already become ill or disabled. With child life insurance, your child will always have coverage, no matter what health issues may arise.

In the future, your child can purchase additional insurance if he or she chooses and will still be guaranteed coverage regardless of health conditions because the child life insurance policy is a whole life policy.

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