What is Life Insurance for Smokers?

Life Insurance for Smokers

Although millions of Americans smoke cigarettes, it can be hard for smokers to find term life insurance options. Because of the health risks associated with cigarettes, many insurance providers either don’t offer plans for smokers, or their options are so expensive that many people cannot afford it.

The insurance rates for smokers may always be higher than the rates for non-smokers, but that does not mean that smokers do not have access to the coverage they need for a price that fits their budget.

Why is Life Insurance for Smokers Important?

If you were to pass away, would your family be able to pay for your funeral and other final expenses? What about the mortgage or car payments and other bills? Life insurance ensures that your family will be financially stable when you’re gone.

Life insurance is important for all American families, including people who smoke. We want to make sure that every family has the coverage they need for an affordable rate.

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