What is Single Premium Whole Life?

Single Premium Whole Life

Single premium whole life is an insurance policy in which you pay one lump sum premium up front, never having to pay monthly or recurring payments. Once you pay your premium, you won’t ever have to make more payments on it.

This type of policy is ideal if you are able to pay the one-time cost of the premium. Although it sounds expensive, the one-time payment is lower than recurring payments you would make with a different policy. Single premium whole life also pays nearly double the amount of your premium, making it more cost efficient for your family.

Why is Single Premium Whole Life Important?

In the event of your death, your family may not be able to maintain the lifestyle they currently have. With single premium whole life, you won’t have to worry about making many recurring payments on time and your family will have twice the amount of money that you put into it in the event of your death. This policy is a great investment to provide financial security for your family in the future.

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